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Training & Skills Development

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Training & Skills Development

Human capital is the most important asset in any organization. Having a registered Skills Development Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Mentor and Trainer as part of our team, a comprehensive solution will be suggested to enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees to significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.

  • Skills Audit & Skills Gap Analysis
  • Manage training, workshops & events
  • Generate Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) & Annual Training Report (ATR)
  • Bursary Application, Screening and Selection
  • Management Training

The Skills Development Regulations in South Africa require Employers with a salary bill exceeding R500 000.00 per annum to pay a Skills Development Levy (SDL). A company’s SDL is calculated at 1% of the total amount paid in salaries to employees (including wages, overtime payments, leave pay, bonuses, fees, commissions and lump sum payments).

Levy paying employers may claim mandatory grants from their SETA (Sector Education & Training Authority) if they submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) on an annual basis. Mandatory grants of 20% of the total levies paid will be paid monthly by the respective SETA’s to companies who are eligible to receive funding.

According to the Skills Development Act, all South African businesses are required to invest in the training and development of their employees. This includes both formal education and on-the-job training.

While many businesses comply with this law, there are still a number of obstacles that stand in the way of skills development in South Africa. One of the biggest obstacles is the lack of skilled staff. Another obstacle is the cost of training. Skills development can be expensive, and not all businesses can afford to invest in it. Finally, there is the challenge of time. Training takes time away from work, and it can be difficult for businesses to find the time to invest in it. However, despite these challenges, Skills Development is essential for businesses in South Africa, and those who invest in it will be able to reap the benefits in terms of improved employability and productivity.

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