What We Offer

Human Resource Management

We'll assist by doing an overview of your current HR practices, assess relevance and compliance, evaluate areas of improvement, and recommend steps for improvement to suit the business timelines and priorities.

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Employment Equity

Legislations drives Employment Equity. We can assist you to stay current with statutory requirements by guiding you through the process and ensuring compliance.

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B-BBEE Support & Strategy

Providing recommendations to improve in the implementation of projects to maximise B-BBEE scorecard points for the lowest possible financial cost and minimal operational interruption will positively impact the return on investments.

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Training & Skills Development

We provide a comprehensive solution can be suggested to enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees to significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.

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Compensation & Benefits

We will save you time and effort by doing a continual observation of industry pay benchmarks to ensure that your company keep up with industry standards, including new and variable payment parameters in salary.

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Talent Management

It is vital to ensure that your employees stay productive and engaged. Employees want to know you are looking out for their future. Not sure how to do this…we can help you.

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Employee & Labour Relations

We will assist you with the interpretation and implementation of policies and procedures as well as investigating and responding to grievances and other complaints.

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Industry Specialists

We have over 50 years of hands-on HR industry experience, having worked with businesses large and small across multiple industries.

HR Advice You Can Trust

No matter the question, our HR professionals have the answers to your HR and compliance needs and we ensure your people goals are fulfilled.

Focus On Core Business Goals

We provide value-added HR services that allow clients to focus on the growth of their core business.


HR Services
For Every Budget

We’ve got you covered. Our HR outsourcing packages are designed with a specific purpose in mind and match the size of your business so that we can provide an effective service tailored just right for YOU!

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Advanced HR Reach

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Full HR Excellence

R5 000