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“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”

Every successful business is built on its people – so getting the right recruitment support is vital.

Recruiting well can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, but doing it badly will cost you more in the long run and affect your ability to attract top talent. Hiring the right people for each role can be one of the most important tasks for an organization.

When your organization looks to make a hire, the correct recruitment company is critical – to take over the responsibility of sourcing and screening the correct candidates to ensure the correct fit for your company.

To attract candidates with the experience, skills, values and behaviours your business deserves, it is crucial to have recruitment support and processes that are closely aligned to the needs of your organization and culture.

Our team of HR professionals’ partner with you, to understand your business and how best to meet your recruitment needs.

Depending on your specific requirements, our specialists can:

  • Devise and implement standard recruitment practices across your organization
  • Assist with job description writing/optimization
  • Create or optimize job advertisements
  • Provide advice on salaries and job titles
  • Interview plan (which includes questions drawn from the job description for guidance)
  • Advertising on various job boards (list of job boards included in proposal)
  • Weekly updates on how many candidates have applied
  • CV database and LinkedIn searches where roles require additional support
  • Provide client with a shortlist of 5-10 candidates
  • Consult with client on shortlisted candidates
  • First round of virtual interviews
  • Second round of in person Interviews
  • Close the process and ensure the organization has the best candidate possible.

HRSpot delivers not only the above but also establishes a life-long relationship with the client in order to ensure expedited and successful placements going forward.

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