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Employment Equity

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

Legislation drives Employment Equity. We can assist you in remaining current with statutory requirements by guiding you through the process and ensuring compliance.

  • Equity management and planning process
  • Development of Employment Equity Plans
  • Prepare and generate Employment Equity Reports
  • Analysis of employee equity and job status information

Employment equity is a key aspect of the operation of any business and a legislative requirement for designated employees. Employment equity takes dedication and planning and involves multiple stakeholders in any business. Non-compliance with employment equity legislation can lead to audits and consequences for the business, such as fines.

Employment equity is an important part of ensuring that businesses are fair and inclusive workplaces. When done correctly, employment equity can help businesses to attract and retain the best talent, improve morale and productivity, and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. Done incorrectly, employment equity can be a compliance burden with little benefit to the business. Businesses must take care to ensure that their employment equity plans are well-designed and implemented in order to realize the full benefit of this important initiative.

Employment Equity FAQ

Our most commonly asked questions about employment equity.
What is an EEA1 form?

EEA1 is a Declaration by Employee. It is form that is completed to ascertain which employees are from designated groups in terms of the Employment Equity Act.

What is The Purpose of the EEA1?

The EEA1 is used to obtain information from employees for the purpose of assisting employers with conducting an analysis on the workforce profile.

Is the EEA1 Form Compulsory?

When a designated employer collects information contemplated in section 19 of the Act, the employer must request each employee in the workforce to complete a declaration using the EEA1 form.

Where Can I Find the EEA1 Form?

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